Rebecca Trescher


The line-up of the „Ensemble 11“ is kind of adventurous as it doe not follow any kind of ensemble structures of traditional jazz compositions. In light of a shimmering „harmony-section“ made out of piano, vibraphone and harp you will listen to an opulent sound of saxophones, clarinets, classical flute, voice and violoncello - a musical extravaganza.
Rebecca Trescher unfolds the personal strengths of every involved musician and exudes the music a torch of exclusivity.
Her elaborated compositions are a perfect balance between a musical adventure and elegant sonorities.
Rebecca Trescher shows with her „Ensemble 11“ that she is one of the most exciting voices of the contemporary young jazz generation.

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Rebecca Trescher - clarinet, bass clarinet, composition, arrangement
Maja Taube - chromatic harp
Hironaru Saito - flute
Florian Bischof - violoncello
Agnes Lepp - vocals
Konstantin Herleinsberger - tenor saxophone, clarinet
Markus Harm - alto saxophone, clarinet
Volker Heuken - vibraphone
Andreas Feith - piano
Friedrich Betz - double bass
Julian Fau - drums